Selenium RC Using Java with Eclipse

Open Firefox , From Tools menu select  Selenium IDE. Do some action in your favorite web sites. Note all your actions being recorded by selenium ide. Click the red button on right top corner to stop recording and click the Green button to run the last recorded action. Fine this is Simple Record and play back. I think i don't need to explain more about it.
Now think of the following

  • How we can connect the SQL Server or Spread sheet to get the values and give as input.
  • How we can implement the conditional statements
  • How we can run this from multiple browsers like ie,safari,opera,chrome etc...
For the above things we need selenium Remote Control.
Download Selenium RC and back to selenium IDE select File --->Export Test Case As --> JUnit4 (Remote Control) and save the file as
Setup Eclipse
1.Download  Eclipse IDE for Java Developers from
2.Open Eclipse and create new java project.
3.Right click on the project and click Build Path--> Configure Build path. -->Library tab -->Add External Jars.
5.Select selenium-java-client-driver.jar from Downloaded Selenium RC selenium-java-client-driver-1.0.1Folder.
6. Right Click on the project again Select Build Path --> Add Library-->JUnit-->Next -->JUnit4-->Finish.
Run the selenium Server by Command prompt as java -jar selenium-server.jar or Start Sauce RC by download as executable file.from
Back to Eclipse and Create a New Java Class. Paste the content from
Right click on the Project and select Run As --> JUnit Test.

Thats IT!


  1. How we can connect the Spread sheet to get the values and give as input.

  2. You can use HSSFWorkbook library in Java to connect and read the spread sheets

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