Selenium RC UI Mapping

Why we need to map the Elements or identifiers or locators in UI?
Imagine that if you have a case with hundreds of input in login field. Now the login text box has been changed to drop down list or the name of the identifier has been changed from Textbox_Login to txt_login. If you run your existing case, All the cases will be failed as cannot find the locator and you have to find and replace all in your script. Hence we have to map the UI objects for using a centralized location for make the script more efficient and maintainable.
Sample Script without mapping UI:
public void testlogin() throws Exception {
                selenium.type("ctl00_MainCntPlaceHlder_txtFirstName", "dt");
                selenium.type("ctl00_MainCntPlaceHlder_txtMiddleName", "q");
                selenium.type("ctl00_MainCntPlaceHlder_txtLastName", "dt");
                selenium.type("ctl00_MainCntPlaceHlder_txtLoginName", "dt");
                selenium.type("ctl00_MainCntPlaceHlder_txtPassword", "dt");
Create the properties file:
Create a file like and we can assign the UI element as follows:
user.firstname = ctl00_MainCntPlaceHlder_txtFirstName
user.middlename = ctl00_MainCntPlaceHlder_txtMiddleName
user.lastname = ctl00_MainCntPlaceHlder_txtLastName
user.loginname = ctl00_MainCntPlaceHlder_txtLoginName
user.password = ctl00_MainCntPlaceHlder_txtPassword

Sample Script with Mapped UI:
public void testlogin() throws Exception {
user.firstname", "dt");
user.middlename", "q");
user.lastname", "dt");
user.loginname", "dt");
user.password", "dt");
Simple Steps with Sample UI Map File 


  1. hi

    your post was very much useful

    the attempt to include the ui mapping file(.js) in selenium IDE was successful

    but when i created a ui mapping as property file in eclipse
    like which contains

    google.searchbox = q

    and when i included the stmt
    in my java program

    it is giving
    ERROR: Element google.searchbox not found

    please help me
    tell how to write the property file for selenium rc and how to include in the test

    1. It is very late to answer but it may help the one who is facing same problem.

      Before you use "selenium.type("google.searchbox","selenium");", you need to load your properties file, that you can do it as Riy said or by
      Properties properties= new Properties();
      properties.load(new FileInputStream("with path to"));

    2. Hello pooja,
      it does not work for me...

      i load first:
      Properties properties= new Properties();
      properties.load(new FileInputStream("with path to"));
      and then try to use it,

      canyou provide snippet if possible?

  2. There are many ways to call the selenium script.The below script is to connect the property file in RC.


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