Sample UI Element Mapping

UI-Element is what we saw as controls or elements in each page . Its simply know as object repositories UI Element mapping is where the object references are stored. UI-Element Mapping is available in Selenium IDE as user extension.
Why UI Elements have to stored and mapped?

Mainly because of Readability and Maintainability.
Eg. We can give the Login ID text box name as "txt_Lgn" and we can record it as
Selenium.type ("txt_Lgn", "bob");
after UI mapping it suppose to show as
Selenium.type ("ui:Signinpage::TextboxLogin()", "bob");
It will be easily understandable and if the id got changed from "txt_Lgn" to  "txt_Login" We don't need to replace where ever we used this. We can just change from Map file alone.

Sample UI Map file:
var myMap = new UIMap();
name: 'SignInPage'
, description: 'My App Sign in Page'
, pathRegexp: '.*'});
myMap.addElement('SignInPage', {name: 'UserNameTextBox', description: 'UserName Text Box',
locator: "ctl00_mainContentPlaceHolder_txt_LoginName"});
myMap.addElement('SignInPage', {name: 'PasswordTextBox', description: 'Password Text box on Sign In Page',
locator: "ctl00_mainContentPlaceHolder_txt_Password"});
myMap.addElement('SignInPage', {name: 'LoginButton', description: 'Login Button on Sign In Page',
locator: "ctl00_mainContentPlaceHolder_btn_login"});

Steps to Add the UI Map file in to Selenium IDE:
1.This file has to be created as Javascript file with .js extension.
2.Open Selenium IDE.
3.Select Option --->Options.

4.Under Selenium Core Extensions (user extension.js), Browse the above created UIMap.js file and click OK.
5.Close and Open the Selenium IDE to get the UIMap file activated.
Now Try to record the your case you can find the changed element id.


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  4. Thanks for sharing great information in your blog. Got to learn new things from your Blog . It was very nice blog to learn about Selenium.

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